XR UK Actions Strategy Update

XR Strategy 2021

Key Goals

  1. SUCCESSFULLY STEER THE NARRATIVE: Let’s get the mainstream and local news media connectin Government Failure to the increasing threat of climat and ecological collapse with strong, punchy messaging that hits hearts and minds.
  2. PLATFORM THE CEE BILL AND CITIZENS ASSEMLIES! Get 326 MPs signed up to back the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill by the time it’s debated in Parliament on 13th March 2021, while increasing faith overall in the need for a Citizens’ Assembly.
  3. FOLLOW THE MONEY! Connect the dots between the blind hypocrisy of the government’s spending and how it is directly perpetuating climate and ecological breakdown: Vast amounts of money on defence and destruction while spending pennies on climate.
  4. RATTLE THE MEDIA. Following the printworks actions in September, there’s never been a better time than now to ramp up the pressure on the mainstream media. Let’s make 2021 the year we made the industry put truth above power and profit.
  5. MOBILISE PEOPLE TOWARDS REBELLION AND COP26: Connecting across our movement and beyond to begin the climb to brining 1 million people into active support next year. Can we give 1,000 NVDA trainings across the UK before April?
  6. OPEN UP SPACE FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE! Create beautiful, emotionally disruptive moments that shift the conversation around the CEE, COP26 and Paris, and invite the public to imagine a better, more collaborative vision of tomorrow.

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The Message

For many of us these are challenging times of change and uncertainty. With Covid-19 still raging, Brexit on the horizon and the COP26 in Glasgow coming up in November 2021, the UK Government will be eager to reassure everyone that they have it all in hand. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The government’s failure are at the front of everyone’s minds right now. Given how Covid-19 was managed, imagine the state of their CEE plan! How can we use our actions to tap into this conversationa nd show why the radical vision of participatory democracy is necessary? How can we open a space that shows how inaction is failing so many, while inviting people to imagine the impossible.

This Actions Strategy is deigned to help us design actions through the lens of Government Failure.

POLICY FAILURE (HOW this government is failing)

+ SYSTEMIC FAILURE (WHY the system of government is failing)


Our key aim is to design actions through the lens of Government Failure

Only when we successfully expose HOW and WHY the government is failing people and planet we will show the need for a National Citizen’s Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

We must de-legitimise the government and this rigged political system by designing actions that apply pressure to their failures, while opening space for our vision of the future we want to see!


Follow the money exposes how little is being spent on Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) plans in comparison to fossil fuel investments, defence spending, and destroying nature at home and overseas. Showing the power of the economy over government and exposing their failures to regulate financial institutions to protect the planet.

Potential targets: Treasury, UKEF, Bank of England, Regulators of Barclays and HSBC

Democracy in crisis exposes how our current democratic system can not remedy the Government’s failure. Policies and projects go ahead with no public backing, or even at the expense of communities. Exposing the lies and misinformation being spread of a corporate media, that hold power over the Government.

Potential targets: MPs, Lobbyists, Media, Local Council projects

Step the harm highlights the harm government is causing to people and nature in the UK and abroad. Their failure to protect us from threats such as flood risks and food shortages contradicts their CEE plans.

Potential targets: COP26 events, Department of Transport, Defra

Government projects: HS2, Fracking, Drax, Woodhouse Colliery; Bailout receivers, Bayer, Exxon Mobile, Shell; Council Projects: Silvertown Tunnel

What demonstrates Government failure where you are? Why is the Government not regulating financial institutions and funding a healthy future? Will your local authority join us in pressuring central Government? Where is the protection of nature?

There are opportunities to take action in our cities and localities. Expose the Government’s lack of regulation, policy, funding and democratic decision-making.

More details on targets here!

So… “Next Rebellion”?

We are always in rebellion, we have been since we declared it in 2018 and we will continue to rebel until we WIN!

What does this mean for the “next Rebellion”? Rather than booking two weeks off work and trying to pack every action into an intense time period, let’s look at how we could plan differently, regeneratively, and tactically… Let’s build up waves of rebellion next year that create a tsunami that no one can ignore! As we look ahead to COP26 in a year’s time, we know 2021 is crucial…

If we plan actions on the same target at the same time around the UK, or even the whole globe, then another a few weeks later, it could be game-changing. This could be spread out locally or at key locations. We are talking to international rebels to share ideas on dates and targets.

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Why set dates now? UK Action Circle are responsible for setting major action dates. We know that rebels across the country want to know when to book time off work well in advance. We know from previous experience that to build allies across other movements and organisations, we need to plan well ahead to build up to a whirlwind moment together. We also need time to work together with our international allies.
We have taken on board lots of feedback about relevant dates, capacity and building pressure up to COP 2021 and hope there are ways everyone can take part.

We have a unique opportunity as we look ahead to next year… Faith in the government is low and understanding of the climate crisis is increasing. We need to bring hope through our grief in our action planning and inspire people’s hearts and minds!

So here’s the plan…


More dates coming! Be part of waves of Rebellion across the globe … Join They want us divided for more info coming up on media acitions

As we enter 2021, we know that thanks to Brexit and Covid, trust in the Government is falling. Covid vaccines are coming and understanding of the climate crisis is improving… these things combined give us a big window of possibility to mobilise again… It’s time to plan. Are you in?

Contacts and resources:

UK Actions Circle are here to support rebels and actions across the UK

Please get in touch via email or Mattermost to ask any questions, share actions ideas and explore other resources on this page to align us in power and unity!

The UK Action Circle is made up of Action Planners, Action Support, Creative, Production and has link roles of Political, M&M, Legal, International and more! We are responsible for developing action strategy for XR UK, assessing UK action proposals, setting major action dates, overseeing a UK Action Calendar and communicating with other actions teams globally.

Let us know if planning a significant action, as other groups might be too, at the same time or place! Have a look at the calendar to see what else is going on. We can link you up with useful resources and support for your autonomous action and help you get involved with aligned actions!

How to Action Guide, Rebel Agreement & Guidance on Actions during Coronavirus & Latest Protest during Coronavirus Regulations Info

Action Plan Checklist & UK Action Proposal Process

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