Wellbeing is an essential element of the regenerative culture of XR. Regenerative Culture is the radical process within Extinction Rebellion which affirms our connected roots to deep and abiding nourishment.

You can contact us at xr.regenerativeculture@gmail.com

A Regenerative Rebellion

Regenerative Culture seeks to bring a different approach to climate and other activist movement. It is how we move towards a practice and demonstration of the change we want to deeply experience in this and all society. Its purpose is to nurture a new culture that is resilient and robust and which can support us all through the changes we must inevitably face together. Regenerative Culture precedes, holds us through and lasts beyond the actions that we take as part of our rebellion.

In XR we recognise that we have much work to do so that we can truly embody a Regenerative Culture within our movement. It is a necessary way to generate meaningful and lasting change in our shared world. There is no singular definition, but a framework based on natural principles allows each of us to develop our own approach to practicing a regenerative way of being. At its simplest this means putting a little bit more in than we take out.

Regenerative Rebellion Support

During Rebellion, dedicated ‘Sanctuary’ spaces and wellbeing hubs will be established at each of the sites, where rebels and curious passers-by are welcome to pause, to rest, to share and to reconnect. During and beyond Rebellion, thousands of volunteer rebels made up of therapists, listeners, yoga teachers, meditators, healers, holistic practitioners, and grief tenders will be holding what we seek to be nourishing space for the honest expression of our emotions, to connect with each other and respond to expressed needs.

We are experimenting with new ways we can come together to nurture the kind of deep care that will be needed to sustain ourselves and our communities, and we invite you to participate by considering what Regenerative Culture means to you. Here you will find some of the tools to support you through Rebellion and beyond.

XR Don’t Panic: What to do in an emergency when you don’t know what to do!

Everyone can feel vulnerable or become vulnerable depending on our personal experiences and the situation in which we find ourselves at any one time.

We are all crew. Always approach problems with others and use the knowledge and skills each person brings. The Don’t Panic team advise you to avoid working alone.

For more information or advice please email the team on xr.dontpanic@protonmail.com or click on the dropdown below:More information and contacts

Don’t Panic Booklet

This book aims to provide guidance to help you start thinking about dealing with challenging situations. It is packed full of scenarios for when you are feeling panicked and not sure what to do.

Action Wellbeing

Civil disobedience can be exciting, exhilarating even, and sometimes also exhausting and stressful. We want to build a regenerative culture where we take care of ourselves and others before, during and beyond actions. Action Wellbeing is one of the Action Support roles which helps activists feel safe and supported. Action Wellbeing is the responsibility of everyone – we are all crew! 

You can explore more of our resources which may support you in creating or being part of an Action Wellbeing Team.

Post-Action Wellbeing

Getting ‘back to normal’ after an action isn’t always easy. We’ve got you covered – read on for our best advice on looking after yourself and others as we come back down to earth; complete with bundles of free resources! Read more about Post-Action Wellbeing.

Other Resources

For other resources click here.