UPDATE: The London Rebellion Actions & Speakers Schedule is now available.

An alarming Climate Change Committee (‘CCC’) report was published in June 2020, stating that due to Government inaction, its own climate advisors are preparing for a 4°C rise in temperatures. A 4°C increase leading to the loss of billions of lives, within marginalised communities with those in the Global South the most impacted.

How many more alarm bells do we need? We cannot carry on like this.

The Government is failing to do what’s necessary to keep us safe. They ignored the warnings about coronavirus, now they’re ignoring warnings of a 4˚C warmer world, with any hopes of a green recovery rapidly slipping away.

From 1 September 2020, we will peacefully blockade the UK Parliament in London until they promise to pass our three demands into law. We’ll keep the blockade going for as long as it takes, so – if you’re able to do so – take some time off work, join your local group and play your part. If you can’t take time off work, then make your voice heard in an evening or a lunch break. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can play an important role in holding our Government to account.

In order to build pressure towards the blockade, there will be a Countdown to Rebellion starting on 28 August with local groups around the country invited to cause high impact disruption in their own regions, to gather and galvanize rebels in readiness for action and to warn the Government that the Rebellion is coming.

Get ready to rebel:

Extinction Rebellion London - September 2020 Rebellion - We Want To Live - Parliament Square