For a non-violent movement to win we need to reach out to everyone! Building large, diverse communities will help our autonomy and creativity to flourish. This means connecting with different communities and talking to ordinary people about the emergency and how we can do something about it. Helping them organise and take action.

In the Communities working group we help make all that happen in Extinction Rebellion.

Getting started

Introduction To The Communities Working Group

Resources for local groups

Every local group starts with one individual. These resources will help you find people in your area, set up meetings, trainings, build your organisation and grow!

How to start a local group
How to welcome new rebels into your local group

XR Community Groups

XR Community Groups are a way for XR members to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity (for example, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, profession, faith) rather than of shared location. Is your community already engaged with XR and the climate and ecological crisis?

Resources for outreach

In order to reach large numbers of diverse people we need to go out into communities and talk to them, whether this is giving out leaflets on campus or calling up rebels in your area! Download our Door Knocking Script.

Rebel ringers phone bank

The Extinction Rebellion Rebel Ringers contact, inform and engage as many people about XR as they can, making phone calls to the XR community to help keep the movement united and committed so that we hit the streets and ACT TOGETHER NOW! The beauty of this method of volunteering is that it’s flexible and restorative. Rebel Ringing allows people to contribute while at home, at any reasonable hour of the day, for as long as they want – each phone call is valuable. But Rebel Ringing does not need to be a solitary exercise – organising events or evenings focused on Rebel Ringing has proven hugely effective and really fun!

Rebel Ringers Starter Pack
Rebel Ringers Phone Ban Party Hosting Guide