Citizens’ Assembly

In the UK, Extinction Rebellion’s third demand is that government must create and be led by the decisions of a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice.

Decades of corporate lobbying and party politics have led to a climate and ecological emergency that poses an unprecedented existential threat to humanity and all life on Earth  “politics as usual” is no longer an option.

A Citizens’ Assembly provides us, the people, with a way to decide what’s best for our future, even if that requires radical changes in the present. Moreover, because they are informed and democratic, the Citizens’ Assembly’s decisions will provide political cover and public pressure for politicians to set aside the usual politicking and do the right thing.

Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies

This is our guide on citizens’ assemblies  what they look like, key examples from around the world and why we are confident that a citizens’ assembly would be a game-changer for the climate and ecological emergency.

Citizens’ Assembly Talk

This 30-minute talk is a great introduction to Citizens’ Assemblies and XR’s third demand. Watch it online, see the talk live in your area, or learn to give it yourself and help spread the message.

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Short film about Citizens’ Assemblies

In “The Deliberate Rebellion” by All Hands On, we explain why we need a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.

Citizens’ Assembly Flyer

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Read the answers to our FAQ about citizens’ assemblies here.

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