Borough Group Coordination

You are coordinating a London borough group? Great! Here are some helpful resources to make your life easier.

Action Network

Check out the support section on Action Network if you need help. Action Network offers a wide range of video tutorials and trainings. For a general guide click here.


Find out all about Basecamp in our intro guide.

Conflict Resolution and Nonviolent Communication

Learn more about how we deal with conflicts and communicate nonviolently.


Read the XR UK Constitution here.


We encourage local groups to fundraise for their group. It can be a fun team building activity! You could setup your own crowdfunder, block print at events and actions, sell XR books, host a film or a club night to raise money.


This is a detailed diagram of how the UK XR Organisation works – click through for roles and mandates.

Shared Calendars

In order to have an overview of what’s going on in XR London and all of XR London’s working and local groups, and to avoid scheduling conflicts, all coordinators of London working and local groups are urged to create and regularly update a Google calendar for their events and share it with the XR London office and the other groups.

Find the How-to for shared calendars here.

SOS System

Our Self-Organising System is based on the XR UK Constitution.

The Self-Organising System of XR UK 
XR UK Self-Organising System Constitution v1 
Ways of Working 
Working Group Roles.docx

Strategy for Local Groups

You are wondering how to come up with a strategy for your local group? First, it’s important to get every rebel in your group skilled up on XR’s DNA and Theories of Change. You could then organise a People’s Assembly to design your strategy.

Other Useful Resources for Local Groups