Arrestee Welfare

Extinction Rebellion is a movement that uses nonviolent direct action and mass arrest as a tactic to achieve its aims. Many XR rebels connect with the ecological crisis and with XR’s strategy and are willing to face arrest to help achieve these aims.

The Arrest Welfare Team aims to help the XR community support its rebels before, during and after arrest. We aim to foster a sustainable and regenerative approach to the consequences of nonviolent direct action and the sacrifice involved.

We believe that as a community that believes in a sustainable and regenerative culture, that we have a personal, and collective responsibility to support our rebels throughout the arrest process. This should include the period before arrest, during arrest and after arrest.

Introducing the Arrestee Lifecycle

We need to create a framework of support that can inform a robust contemplation process before a decision about arrest is made, that feeds into the individual’s preparation for arrest and then supports the arrestee during and following arrest.

Furthermore, we need to dispel the myth that there is such a thing as arrestable and non-arrestable in our activist culture. Being involved in a civil disobedience movement bears some degree of risk of arrest, be that low or high. Our collective role is to help create a culture of preparation and knowledge to allow us to make informed choices around our actions.

We encourage all XR members, affinity groups and local groups to engage with the arrest cycle below and to join us in creating a regenerative arrest culture.

How can the Arrest Welfare Team help?

Please find all information about how we can support individuals and groups in this process and read our answers to FAQ here.


Check out our “Arrest Welfare and Legal Support” training schedule to get involved.